Checklist - Long cycling ride (endurance rides)

June 11, 2019

Every time I plan for a cycling trip, while preparing I always think about if I'm missing anything. This post is to fix that. I'll add a similar checklist for running and hiking as well.

Kolar dodda blue water lake


For Cycle:
Cycling Helmet (decathlon)
Wrench Spanner (amazon)
2 Cycle tyre tubes (decathlon)
Tyre levers (decathlon)
Multitool (decathlon)
Cycle Hand Pump (decathlon)

For you:
Cycling gloves (decathlon)
Cycle foam saddle (decathlon)
Cycling sunglasses (decathlon)
Arm UV protection cover (decathlon)
Face mask/Headband (decathlon)
Raincoat (decathlon)

A small bag (waterproof if possible) (decathlon)
Small Plastic to cover bag or carry cash
Some cash
ID proof
Emergency contact details
Power bank
Pain relief spray

Breakfast bars (Yoga bars etc)
My favourite: Roasted Grams + Almonds + Peanuts + Raisins mix
Chikki and other dry fruits
Water bottle(s)
ORS / Tang etc.

Note: Make sure to get the items as per your cycle’s size. These links are mostly where I got them from.

Add a comment if you think I’m missing anything.

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